FRP Wins Library Of Congress Award


Family Reading Partnership was recently honored with a Best Practices award from the Library of Congress at the Library’s 2015 Literacy Awards.

Comprised of three prize winners and 14 best practices honorees from around the world, the Library of Congress Literacy Awards Program, administered by the Library of Congress Center for the Book, recognizes and encourages exemplary work in reading and literacy promotion. Family Reading Partnership was honored with inclusion in the 2015 Best Practices Publication for creating a community of literacy, one of five best practices highlighted by the awards program.

According to the Library of Congress, the Best Practices publication highlights both research-validated practices and concrete implementations of those practices, demonstrating how literacy promotion groups have successfully applied theory in real-world context. The organizations profiled in the Best Practices publication are examples of how a program can successfully use evidence-based practice to enhance the promotion of literacy and reading.

Family Reading Partnership was selected for its commitment to inclusiveness, which the Library of Congress views as the key to creating a community of literacy, emphasizing that, “it is important for communities to demonstrate that literacy and love of reading are experiences that all members can share.”

Family Reading Partnership gifts nearly 30,000 books annually to children through 14 innovative programs that allow every child to receive the same book titles, have shared book and reading experiences with their peers, and enter school with a feeling of inclusion, belonging, and self-worth. Within a comprehensive, community-based model, Family Reading Partnership proactively reduces social and educational roadblocks by providing all children with materials and support in order for them to thrive alongside their peers.

Read more about the 2015 Literacy Awards and Best Practices here. (pdf)