Waiting for Baby

ReadToMeWith Read to Me by Judi Moreillon, illustrated by Kyra Teis. (available in both English and bilingual Spanish/English)

A partnership project of:
Family Reading Partnership
The Ann Halpern Book Fund
Area Obstetricians and Midwives


Families expecting a baby receive the children’s book Read to Me by Judi Moreillon and a bookmark emphasizing the importance of establishing read aloud traditions at home, beginning before birth and continuing after the baby is born.

  • To invite expectant parents to read aloud to their baby now, in order to build a routine they can continue throughout infancy and childhood.
  • To share information about early literacy development with families, before they are overwhelmed with a newborn!
  • To start a home library of children’s books.
The Book

Read to Me is a board book that will grow with your baby. The rhyming text will engage an infant with its sing-song quality and carries the important message for parents that reading to your child is a way to love your child. As the baby grows to a toddler, he or she will come to understand the story in the book and appreciate all the babies, children, and grown-ups portrayed by artist Kyra Teis. We offer both a bilingual Spanish/English and English option for families.