Websites of some of our favorite authors

Children’s Book Authors Living in the Ithaca, NY Area:
  • Tedd Arnold – author and illustrator of Hi! Fly Guy, Axle Annie and the Speed Grump, Five Ugly Monsters, Green Wilma, Parts, Huggly’s Sleepover
  • Suzanne Bloom – author and illustrator of A Splendid Friend, Indeed, No Place for a Pig, The Bus for Us, We Keep a Pig in the Parlor
  • Michael DeMunn – author of Places of Power, The Earth is Good
  • Rachel Dickinson – author of Tools of Navigation, Tools of the Ancient Romans
  • Lisa Eisenberg – co-author of many riddle books including Buggy Riddles, Gobble, Gobble, Giggle
  • Minfong Ho – author of HUSH!, Brother Rabbit, Peek!, Maples in the Mist
  • Elizabeth Holmes – author of Pretty Is and Tracktown Summer
  • Gail Jarrow – author of Animal Babysitters, The Printer’s Trial, Chiggers
  • Ruth Stiles Gannett (Kahn) – author of My Father’s Dragon series
  • Emily Rhoads Johnson – author of Write Me if You Dare! and Spring and the Shadow Man
  • David Kirk – author and illustrator of Miss Spider, Nova’s Ark
  • Alison Lurie – author of The Oxford Book of Modern Fairy Tales, The Black Geese, The Heavenly Zoo
  • Anne Mazer – author of The Salamander Room and The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes
  • Katrina Morse – author/illustrator of At Home with Books and Love Those Letters!
  • Catharine O’Neill – illustrator of The Very Best Hanukkah Gift, Anna’s Book, Leprechaun Luck
  • Edward Ormondroyd – author of Castaways On Long Ago, David and the Phoenix, Time at the Top
  • Ellen Potter – author of Olivia Kidney, Pish Posh
  • Esty Schachter – author of Anya’s Echoes
  • Megan Shull – author of Amazing Grace, Yours Truly, Skye O’Shea
  • Mitch Weiss and Martha Hamilton – authors of Scared Witless, Hidden Feast, Noodlehead Stories
Storytellers and Children’s Performers in the Ithaca, NY area: