Baby Shower Book Basket

Hosting a baby shower? Before sending out your invitations, add a line that says, “Bring a new or used book for the baby’s Book Basket.”

The basket can be presented to the mother for her to share with her new baby. If you want to decorate the basket, use ribbons or add wooden letters spelling out the baby’s name, if known. What a wonderful way to start a baby’s book collection!

OR, if you’d like, you can ask for a book in place of a card with a baby gift. Here’s a great little poem a friend put on her baby shower invitations:

Just one last request, and we hope it’s not hard

Please bring baby a book in place of a card

By signing your book, we will remember and share

Your special gift, even when you’re not there!

Here are some suggestions for book gifts for a baby. These books come in a sturdy format that will last through teething! 50 Board Books for Baby