How to Choose a Children’s Book

Children at every age benefit from hearing books read aloud.

Babies (0 – 12 months) love the sound of your voice even before they understand the words. Rhyming books with lots of rhythm hold a baby’s interest and are very comforting. Babies also love looking at faces. Books with photographs of other babies or of objects are great to talk about with your little one.

Toddlers (12 – 18 months) are learning new words, how to hold a book, and how to turn board book pages. Toddlers enjoy books that relate to their own experiences.

Youngsters (18 – 24 months) are beginning to notice details in the illustrations. Youngsters can learn the names of objects you point to in books.

2-Year-Olds have favorite books and can predict what’s going to happen in a story. Read books that describe a series of events. Ask, “What’s going to happen next?”

3-Year-Olds have a longer attention span and can listen to books with more words. They are also developing a sense of humor! Pick books that keep reading fun and introduce new ideas.

4-Year-Olds often memorize the words of their favorite book, even before they learn to read. Ask your child to retell his or her favorite book.

The most important reason to read to your child is to share time together.

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