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A Book on Every Bed
Amy Dickinson

Imagine... One million children across America waking up on Christmas morning (or another winter holiday) to find a gift-wrapped book on their bed!

Amy Dickinson of "Ask Amy" and USA Weekend are encouraging families across
the United States to start this special holiday book tradition. You can help by sharing it with all of the families you know!

"Ask Amy" column December 18, 2013

1. Start this holiday book tradition in your family and share it with families you know!

Find a favorite book for your child or children and wrap it. After children have fallen asleep on Christmas Eve or any winter holiday place the gift-wrapped book at the bottom of their bed.

Your children will awaken to find a present they can open right away, beginning a special reading tradition they will love. Plus, it’ll keep them in bed just a bit longer!

  • Download the "A Book on Every Bed" bookmark to pass along to family and friends!
  • Share your own family holiday book traditions with us.

2. Donate so that other children will have books on their beds this holiday season!

Your donation of funds for one or more books helps Family Reading Partnership give books to low-income families so they can start this special holiday tradition in their own homes.

3. Share the "A Book On Every Bed" tradition with low- income families in your community!

  • Collect new children's books at holiday parties, sporting events, in your religious congregation, through Rotary or another service organization, or at your school.
  • Donate books you collect for children of low-income families through networks in your community so that children can wake up with a book on their bed though Head Start, WIC (Women, Infants and Children) Social Services or a food pantry.

Email us with questions about starting "A Book On Every Bed" in your community or call 607-277-8602.

"We are so inspired by this idea! My wife and I are going to make sure that all the children at our neighborhood hospital in the Bronx will have a book on their beds this Christmas morning."

Tad Hills, author of "How Rocket Learned to Read" and "Duck and Goose"

A Book on Every Bed
two girls hugging books in bed
Amy Dickinson reading to her granddaughter Sahela Andrea
boy in bed with book